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The Gritty Nurse Nursing Podcast

New episodes every Thursday!


You can't have integrity without grit, right? 


Our podcast examines hot topics related to health and healthcare. We shy away from nothing, discussing topics such as mental health, social justice, women's health and women's rights.


We are story-tellers and love hearing how healthcare has impacted individuals' lives. We want to discuss the good, bad and ugly .


We also provide a platform for empowerment and shared experiences, where we represent voices that have been silenced, underrepresented and marginalized --so they can share their stories of hope, change and inspiration. 


Episodes are informative, gritty, humorous and educational.

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 Health Equity | Mental Health| Social Justice| Women's Health/ Rights

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Speaking Engagements

Sara and Amie are experienced, energetic and versatile public speakers who made their names known with live TV broadcasts, pre-recorded interviews, phone interviews, print media, and of course, their podcast!


As experienced podcasters and advocates in healthcare, they have made regular media appearances and are able to connect to diverse audiences. In 2021 alone they made over 100 appearances on local and national TV, radio, conferences and international workshops.


Hire Sara and Amie to deliver a keynote speech, workshop, lecture, or facilitate an interactive activity with your organization. They are knowledgeable on a wide variety of hot topics in nursing and healthcare.

Listener Reviews

"Just learned of this podcast and have already binged 5 episodes and ain’t slowing down now! So pumped up to hear people chat about stuff  (indignities, inequality, and NONSENSE) important to me and my daily work!"

"Wow I can’t believe it took me this long to find your podcast! Very interesting topic, great selections of guest speakers, and great hosting."

"I’m a nursing student and a prof recommended this podcast and I did not expect what I got. Everything is very well said and very relevant to the issues within the healthcare system. I’ve learned so much and appreciate this blunt and real perspective of health care inequalities, discriminations and issue."

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