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Gritty Nurses in the Press

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CTV News

With Todd Van der Heyden

Sept 13, 2021


Sara Fung, Registered Nurse and co-host of the Gritty nurse podcast, talk about anti-vaccine protests outside hospitals and what needs to be done.


Watch Here

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CTV W5 Burden of Care

With Molly Thomas

April 3, 2021


Amie Varley and Sara Fung discuss health-care workers buckling under the strain as third wave of COVID-19 hits, paid sick days, and increased mental health supports for nurses.


Watch Here (6-9 minute mark)

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CP24 Ontario Budget: No Paid Sick Days

With Reshmi Nair & Nick Dixon

March 25, 2021


Amie Varley and Sara Fung discuss Ontario's Budget and the lack of Paid Sick Days for essential workers and nurses. 


Watch Here

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CP24 Long Term Care

With Reshmi Nair & Nick Dixon

March 12, 2021


Amie Varley and Sara Fung discuss why Wave 2 deaths exceed Wave 1 and why the importance of protecting our most vulnerable population. 


Watch Here


National Panel

With Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Hajdu

Feb 11, 2021


Amie Varley and Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth co-moderate  a National Healthcare Panel on Covid 19 with Prime Minister Trudeau and Minster Hajdu. 


Watch Here

Image by Rishabh Sharma

The Current

With Matt Gallaway

Feb 3, 2021


Nurses may have been hailed as heroes in the pandemic, but some say they're not treated that way. Matt Galloway talks to three nurses including Amie Archibald-Varley about stress and mental health on the front lines. 


Listen Here

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Metro Morning

With Ismaila Alfa

Feb 3, 2021


Health-care workers are working harder than ever to keep up but all that pressure is taking a toll - especially on frontline nurses. A study shows that nurses' mental health is suffering and GTA nurses Birgit Umaigba and Sara Fung share their perspective.


Listen Here

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With Reshmi Nair

Jan 20, 2021


Ontario RNs Amie Varley and Sara Fung talk with the CP24's Reshmi Nair about Nurses stressed about lack of paid sick leave.


CBC White Coat, Black Art

With Dr. Brian Goldman

Jan 16, 2021


Dr. Brian Goldman and Ontario RNs Amie Varley and Sara Fung talk about vaccine hesitancy.


Listen Here.

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CBC News

With Andrew Nichols

Jan 5, 2021

Ontario RNs Amie Varley and Sara Fung talk with the CBC's Andrew Nichols about the Province's vaccine rollout ... and what they are poised to do, if asked.

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Your Morning

With Ben Mulroney & Anne-Marie Mediwake

Jan 2021

CTV's Your Morning! with Ben Mulroney & Anne Marie Mediwake. These two Ontario Nurses started a podcast to discuss Mental Health and issues in healthcare.

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